“Visiting Pooches”

“The Wattle Lodge Dog Playground”

We welcome guest’s Pets, if they are well behaved and immunised.

The Wattle Lodge has a fully fenced dog playground area that incorporates a pet safe dog yard located next to the Lodge, where pets may roam safely.

Bringing your pooches to “The Wattle Lodge”?

Dogs are allowed in the Lodge,however please abide by the following rules:

– Your pets are your responsibility at all times.
– Pets are to be kept off the furniture.
– Dirty paws and chewing of any items in the Lodge are a no no!
– If you plan to leave your friendly pooch for the day, please let us know,we may be able to dog sit.
– If you wish to exercise your dog on the rest of the property, please check with us.
– Clean up any mess your dog may leave.

We wish you and your pooch an enjoyable stay at “The Wattle Lodge”

“The Wattle Pooches”
Pepper, Dolly & Pippy