“Visiting Pooches”

“The Wattle Lodge Dog Playground Rules”

Bringing your Pooches to “The Wattle Lodge”?


We welcome guest’s Pets, if they are well behaved and immunised!

Only up to 2 dogs allowed per stay.

The Wattle Lodge has a fully fenced dog playground area with large kennel located next to the Lodge, where pets may roam safely. 

Dogs are allowed in the Lodge,however please abide by the following rules:

– Your pets are your responsibility at all times.
– Dogs are not allowed stay in Lodge without supervision at anytime!
– Pets are to be kept off the furniture and bedding.

– Dirty paws and chewing of any items in the Lodge are a no no! Any damage must be paid for by the dog owner!
– Local Doggy day care Minding service available.
– If you plan to leave your friendly pooch for the day, please check with us, we may be able to dog sit , dogs in the dog run enclosure.

– If you wish to exercise your dog on a leash, and take a walk around the farm, please check with us
before walking on the farm!!
There is a mop/bucket and vacuum cleaner and cleaning products in the cupboard for cleaning.
– Clean up any mess your dog may leave.


Book a day out with your pooch!

We wish you and your pooch an enjoyable stay at “The Wattle Lodge”

“The Wattle resident Pooches”
“Dolly” and “Ellie-May”

“Ellie – May” and “Dolly” resident dogs on the farm.